The Olovyannikov Tribe
A small, belated update: The boys turn 7!!! May 29, 2008
Welcome to our senseless little page. I really felt obligated to slap something together the night my triplet boys were born. Must be a hormonal thing.

Of course, during a subsequent sleepless night, I felt a powerful urge to improve upon my masterpiece; yet, I could not destroy my original creation. Therefore, you, the fortunate visitor, may regale at the pulchritude of both. Don't forget to bring a toothbrush -- what you are about to witness is -- by law -- saccharine and nauseatingly cute ;-)

Following the enormous success of my original page (I have received literallly dozens of hits!),  I feel compelled, nay, propelled, to create many, many more pages of my family, my daughter, my pets, my collectibles, my philosophical musings, and my lame poetry.

Our Triplets
, born May 29, 2001

Evan's Page
Ari's PageJosh's Page

Triplets Update
, June 29, 2001

Triplets Update
, November 29, 2001
Here's a recent vacation photo of me, the Patriarch of the tribe.
Triplet Connection
Wine Therapy
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